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SS24 New Arrivals

The first delivery of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection is available now! So, we thought it might be interesting to share our thought process behind one of the designs! A common theme for us is the expression of freedom, and with our current global geo-political madness, we believe people are more than ever looking for ways to escape. This could be escape from the rigmaroles of the 9-5, war, or just finding inner peace by connecting with a higher self. This design plays on these themes referencing the cult film The Matrix but weaving in a fictional swimming club in Osaka where people go to escape! Swimming and the act of being present in the “NOW’ feels like a perfect way to escape the matrix! We also believe in community, so you’ll often find a reference to a ‘coffee club,’ or a ‘running club,’ so this continues that same theme! We really believe the only way forward for us as a species is together, not through division!