Japanese Coffee Tray - handmade stainless steel


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Until around 1970, tsubame city, niigata prefecture, had a history of actively exporting metal products such as lunch trays and tableware to europe and the united states for commercial use such as military and hotels, and for general use. nowadays, there are almost no molds at that time, but by utilizing that technology, we have created a new mold and commercialized my tray, which has a space for a coffee server and a mug. even if you don't have a coffee server, you can use it for morning trays, dessert trays, outdoor trays, kids trays, etc. cafe tray is a stainless steel base with hairline processing.

Size : w 293 d 205 h 15mm

Material: Stainless steel

Made: Japan

*Avoid dishwasher / may scratch as stainless steel

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